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Tax Filing

Whether you own a small business or a large corporate organization, you can book your consultation with us today. We are a one stop shop for all your business solutions and tax filings. We assist you in understanding your tax liabilities, deductions and savings and help you file your taxes and tax returns. Our experts guide you in filing tax forms like T4s, T4As and T5s.

Sole Proprietorship registration

When you are planning to incorporate your new business, you need expert advice and guidance before approaching the registry to obtain  your business number, import/export number and the taxes liable to you.  We at NSI Accounting & Financial Services guide you through the processes and support you throughout with the various services we offer.

Bookkeeping & Payroll

Accountants and bookkeepers at NSI Accounting & Financial Services have years of experience handling bookkeeping and payroll services for  small, medium and big corporates. Whether it is weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, we can help you with your numbers. Our services include general accounts management, GST & WCB returns, bank reconciliations and many more.



NSI Accounting and Financial Services offer customer-focused tax Preparation and accounting services to our clients across Calgary, Airdrie, Red Deer, Balzac, Chestermere, and Cochrane. Over the years, our clientele has grown in numbers, and our industry scope has diversified; however, our focus remains the same: the provision of tax preparation and planning — along with accounting services — to corporations, small and medium-sized business, individuals, and not-for-profit organizations across Canada and abroad.

Our goal is to make income tax planning and preparation understandable and uncomplicated. Well-informed clients make better decisions. Our customer-service approach ensures that the technical aspects are communicated in language that makes sense so that our clients understand how circumstances might impact them and their businesses.

We also strive to empower individuals and organizations to manage and grow their finances. We provide tax education through comprehensive consultation or workshops for entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals on the fundamentals of running a small corporation and business, as well as preparing for tax season.

To book a personal consultation, please call us at 403-922-5004. All taxes are filed remotely.



Tax Preparation

Every individual makes financial planning for his future endeavors. Before you plan, you should be aware of the taxes involved with your income,ways to use deductions or credits to reduce the taxable income


If you are a small business owner, vendor, non-profit organization or a large corporate in Calgary, Airdrie, Red Deer, Balzac, Chestermere and Cochrane, you need to have proper bookkeeping


Before you start your business, you need to register/incorporate your business with the registry. Following this, you will need a business number that will come along the GST, payroll, import/export number.

Financial Statements

Financial statements are vital for any business and well-informed clients know the importance of completing the statements on time to avoid penalty and interest.


Whether it is a small business or a corporation, you need an updated, accurate payroll system for the timely remittance of pay-cheques to your employees. All we require is the monthly, bi-weekly or weekly timesheet.

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